Openstack in a good cloud managed infrastructure

OpenStack is a cloud computing system written in Python.

The project is 8 years old.

During that time we have had 18 major releases, and to give you an idea of the size of the community, during 2017, we had 2,500 people contribute more than 65,000 patches. The age and size of the project means our community has been through several transitions and challenges that other smaller projects may not yet have encountered, and my hope is that by thinking about them early, you can prepare for them, and your communities will be able to grow in a healthier way.

In 2019,
A good cloud managed infrastructure has grown by a factor of 10 compared to the resources in 2013.
This has been achieved in collaboration with the many open source communities we have worked with over the past years,
including :


What’s new in 4.2.0 ?

  • Fix a bug with empty word lists (contributed by FabioRosado)
  • Update dependency management to use setuptools extras Document how to create multiple wordfiles (contributed by FabioRosado)
  • Note that PyEnchant is unmaintained and fix links (contributed by Marti Raudsepp)
  • Don’t use mutable default argument (contributed by Daniele Tricoli)

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